Human Development welfare Society is to alleviate the suffering grassroots initiative aimed at local empowerment access to help service and educational opportunities in an effort to fulfill basic human rights embracing a spirit of compassion and service to all humanity. Also provide t support, building capacity, and integrate individual in to mainstream society who have traditionally been suppressed in personal, social, economic and political domain. Human Development welfare Society has clearly formulated its mission.

The focus areas of the work being done at Human Development welfare Society are very clear. HDWS is an Endeavour:-

  • To ensure that the religious environment is Islamic according to holy Quran and Sunnah.
  • To provide quality education in affordable cost.
  • To ensure an environment that exit and networks students in achieving their best potential.
  • To provide education with a view to develop responsible, God fearing and worthy Indian citizens.
  • To impart social, moral and cultural education with Islamic teaching.
  • To adopt most modern from of education and learning practices.
  • To create self- sustaining employment opportunities for women and youth.
  • To promote and encourage the education, welfare, empowerment and the uplift f women and children.
  • To create a sense of brotherhood, corporation, mutual harmony amongst the general public.
  • To understand the research and analysis projects related t women and youth issues.