Hajra Girls School:

Hajra Girls School based on this realizations, the society funded a school for girls called “Hajra Girls School” in the Madanpur khad66ar Sarita vihar area of Delhi; which provides quality education for 450 girls and boys (250 girls and 200boys) and plan to increase this number depending on the availability of resources in view of the pathetic state of education among Muslim girls in India and particularly in north India.


The society considers it its duty to intensify its efforts to raise the level of education among girl in the light of the Quran and sunnah, which emphasis on religious and moral education.


There is no doubt that raising the level of education among Muslim girls is one of main objectives f the society which it will always endeavor to achieve. “Hajra Girls School” is a modest beginning in the Muslim women’s education which the society holds very dear to its heart from amongst the various activities. The society focuses its attention on helping the poor, the needy and the helpless people in general and Muslims particulars.

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The society was able in its short life to help a good number of the poor, destitute and needy people in Delhi and neighboring areas. The society recognize the fact that the real development of Muslim can only be achieved through women’s education, religious as well as modern. Education alone prepares the younger generation for playing a constructive and meaningful role in the society. Women are at the core of the family, if mother an educated then it is good for the family and the society at large.

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The society is carrying out charitable work in the remote area of Delhi where most of population is Muslims who are generally very poor and ignorant about religion, and hence they call for the attention of the benefactors. They are generally deprived of governmental and non- governmental support because of widespread ignorance among them – they even don’t know to run their own affairs properly and organize themselves into association .the society recognize the need to educate these poor people and assist them in managing their own affairs and provide an appropriate basic assistance, which includes.