Project: Hum Swath, Pariwar Swath

Address community health need improve the health of the poor through education, training and by providing linkages Implement preventive health measures, such as spreading good health practices, awareness generation and early detection of diseases. Provide information and access to exiting health facilities (government NGO and private).complementing and improving existing system through dissemination and advocacy involving the community to foster preventive health practices.

Community awareness and education programs, general heath camps are also held at here.

Short term objectives:

  • Increase awareness on preventive health practices
  • Provide training to girls and women in the community to spread awareness health practices
  • Increase health seeking behavior especially among girls and women
  • Increase access to quality primary health


It is said that a lady makes a house. She cares for everyone in the housed, does every possible thing to make her house a perfect living abode for all of us. But ironical it is that she herself stands as the most neglected person in the house.
Sending the dead bodies to their homes cemeteries in Delhi and neighboring areas and burying them in the proper Islamic manner:
Most of the people here come from different parts of India, and live in Delhi for work, when one of them dies, or one of their ones dies, they don’t know what to do at this hour of grief and sorrow. They often prefer to send the dead bodies to their original homes hundreds and thousands of kilometers away, but is involves huge expenditure which is beyond the means and capacity of these poor people. In this hour of crisis, the society comes forward to provide them moral and material support starting from the bathing of the dead body and carrying it to the graveyard or t the original home by an air-condition vehicle and performing the last rites according to Shari’ a. The society has been able to serve a good number of Muslim families in Delhi and neighboring areas.

Compensation for the loss of life property suffered by workers:

Many of these poor Muslims working in factories and offices in Delhi, and they nearby areas on low wages, get injured or meet with accidents at work on the road resulting in death or physical disabilities. However, their employers most of the time are reluctant to pay adequate compensation (exploiting their ignorance or vulnerable condition as most of them happen to be illiterates) t the relatives of the victims for such losses. The society provides help to these vulnerable people and fights for their legitimate rights and ensures that these people get their due in terms of adequate compensation. The society has been successful so far to award compensation to hundreds of vulnerable and poor people who otherwise would not have received the compensation without the intervention of the society.

Medical assistance to the poor and needy:

In our country, a large number of people are deprived of basic amenities of life. If the NGOs do not work for their welfare, their condition would be more pitiable. Hundreds or even thousands of patients come every day to the hospitals in Delhi for treatment from all over the country, but the treatment these days has become very expensive, the cost of medicine and doctors’ and hospital’ fees have gone over the roof. The society being aware of the critical situation, took it upon itself to provide medical assistance and moral and material support for these wretched people in line with the Islamic principle “God helps those who help their brother”. The work of the society in this regards includes shifting of patient from their homes to hospitals, and providing treatment to the poor patient who cannot otherwise afford them (from buying medicines for them t paying doctors’ and hospitals’ bill).